Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the tradition continues

Ever since Chad and I have been together (8 years, baby!) he has endured my Christmas pajama...hmmm...we will call it an obsession. I bought us matching flannel pajama bottoms from Old Navy. He wore them with pride (I think) since we were newlyweds and he was so hot for me...HA!


This is not an actual pic of him on Christmas. It was the only pic I could find of our first matching bottoms.

That tradition continues. Chad and I always wear matching pjs and the kids wear matching/coordinating jammies. I seriously wish I had better pics but this was all I could come up with. Trust me, we always match on Christmas.


Unfortunatey, we do not have any nice posed pics of us as a family in our jammies.


Sorry, just my knee.


Another knee shot...I have to take better pics from now on.


Eli got these jammies in addition to his "Madeline matchies" and had to put them on immediately.


No pic. Bummer...they were red with little white reindeer...did not wash well.


2 years ago I found all matching jammies...they were plaid bottoms for Chad and I and then tops and bottoms for the kids. We were adorable!


Last year we all matched again in fleece tops and bottoms...all the same pattern but different colors. Chad was hilarious in his giant bright green fleece pajamas. He must really love me to put up with this. Any other man would have vetoed last years pick!! Plus I had a great pic of the four of us....finally!

I am happy to report that this years jammies have arrived in the mail and they ROCK!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the last photo...the one of all 4 of you. So cute!!! Is that at Rhonda & Jay's house by chance?? Seems very familiar! haha

Bethany said...

I love it! What a fun tradition! I can't wait for this year's picture!

haverlee said...

that's really funny. i can't imagine the pile of strictly Christmas flannel bottoms you've stockpiled by now. What do you do with all of them?? Maybe some year you should cut them all up and make patchwork pants.

Bethany said...

Ooh! Or a quilt! How cool would that be? Speaking of cool... Manda, I'm sure you've seen "A Christmas Story," how cool are these?


Chad said...

Haverly and Bethany!!! That is a fantastic idea ... oh wait ... Manda sew ??? HAHAHA!!! LOVE YOU BABE!

I would say out of all of the Christmas jammies last year was my favorite ... ya I looked rediculous but ya know what? I was comfy and thats all that matters after the mass chaos of paper and ribbon destruction. :)