Friday, September 4, 2009

another week...done

Yay! Another week of Miller Academy and things are still going so well! I am not sure what I expected...for me to burn out by week 2? For the kids to forget their alphabet and make me feel like a total failure? For life to get away from me and I would forget that I am a teacher now? Thankfully, none of those things happened. We had a great week of learning and fun!

My new fave place to spend a couple hours (thank you, mom, for watching the kids) is Half Price Books. TRIPLE LOVE IT!! Plus they are having a 20% off everything sale for Labor Day...double score! I picked up a few things and had a blast digging through shelf after shelf of books. I am even more excited about THIS! Anybody want to join me Wednesday night to battle the other book crazed homeschool moms? I bet if we tag team we could come home victorious! You know how those homeschoolers can get.

I also picked up this fun little game at Target. We haven't played it yet, but I am excited to give it a go.

Here is our timeline so far. We are doing Mystery of History vol. 1. I am NOT doing my timeline as suggested by the author of the book. I am a rebel...a loner in that respect. I wanna do it my way. *Yes, I just broke out into song. Yes, that is a hole in our wall.*

Here are the 7 days of creation...ok, 6 days of actual work and 1 day of rest. Notice the bloody shark on day 5. Apparently he was in a fight that day thanks to Eli's active imagination. Next to that is Adam and Eve with their leaf clothes. Jubal with a harp and flute. Tubal-Cain with stripes of bronze and iron.

Then we have the ark with Noah and his sons. Noah has a boat on his chest and his sons have babies since they repopulated the earth after the flood.

Next came the IceAge. And that is where our week ended. Brrrrr...


haverlee said...

Man, I bet one of the best benefits of homeschooling is YOU get a whole lot smarter yourself!!! You'll be able to say in a couple years that you're smarter than a 5th grader!

Cassandra Frear said...

Your sweet post about starting school took me right back to earlier days. I was delighted to see that you have joined us at Apple Pie, Manda !

May your year be full of joy and wonder.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for games. How did Scrabble Apple turn out??