Wednesday, May 19, 2010

channeling b.a.

I had a fantastic day yesterday with some of my fave people ever.

 Did the zoo with the fashionista, b.a., and her kidlets. I am not going to lie. I was freaking out a bit about what to wear to the zoo considering my company. Then I said, "What the he-double hockey sticks, it is just the smelly zoo and I wouldn't want to upstage b.a." Ok, I really didn't say that. It was more like "There is no way my lame closet offerings could compare to b.a.'s so why even try."  My fave shirt of the summer (a lovely white peasant top) had already been ruined by some unknown substance. Thanks for nothing, stain fighter. We had a lovely day strolling through the zoo even if we looked a tad like Rosie O and Kelly. (Totally stole your joke, b.) You can read more about it on her blog.

Later that evening my sister, and my nieces, Mara and Sophie, came to pick me up to go shopping. Mara is moving out and wanted to hit Goodwill for houseware items. Sophie had a gift card to Forever21 that she wanted to use. Mara found some sweet retro mugs. They had an amazing vintage Schwinn beach cruiser bike that I totally wanted. It was beautiful but a tad pricey for Goodwill. Bummer. I would have looked sweet on that ride.

After Goodwill we ventured to the mall to hit up Forever21.  If I was skinny and cool I would shop there for all my trendy needs but since I am not, I stick with looking at the jewelry and other assorted accessories. This time, instead of just looking, I bought a couple things. I channeled b.a. (ok, not really, but you get the idea) and thought to myself, "WWb.a.B?" You see, my friend b.a. has amazing taste and if I was skinny and cool I would dress exactly like her.  Does that sound a little single white female?  She is the queen of accessories. I am not. I wear the same jewelry everyday. My wedding ring. My mom ring. My bird on a wire necklace. Either my diamond stud earrings or I have recently branched out and have been wearing largish fat hoops. I am a creature of habit. Plus I have no idea what is fashiony and what isn't. Despite my anxiety of buying something that was a little over the top or SO not me, I bought a necklace at Forever21. (And some sunglasses but they are killer and I don't care who laughs at me, I love them!)

What do you think? Cute, huh? I put it on as soon as we left the store and it felt a tad awkward. After a bit, I was rockin that necklace and there was a little more bounce in my step. It felt good.

I really wanted to buy this ring but that might have been over doing it. But how cute is that??? Oh to be young and hip and to be able to pull this ring off. Loves!
I think after last night, much to my hubs chagrin, I am going to be perusing the accessory section of stores more often and thinking "WWb.a.B?"


b.a. said...

oh my word!!! i'm so honored! and proud of you! and honored! and proud! we need to go shopping TOGETHER. then you won't have to wonder WB.A.WB! :)
love you.

b.a. said...

oh, and btw: yesterday i was at the target by your house and i saw a new schwinn (that looked vintage-y) and i fell in love. it is so stinkin' cute.

Delite said...

Let your free spirit show on the outside, hon'. You can't fight who you really are. You with an owl on your finger makes sense. Even when you're 85 years old!