Friday, May 28, 2010

day 2

Yesterday was a weird day. I wasn't at home and we were uber busy so things were weird. Just weird. Got up and had a protein shake for breakfast. I am not a breakfast eater so this is a wonderful substitute. I can sit and catch up with the world via facebook and sip my breakfast. Perfect.

I have needed to go to the grocery store for over a week. We have been eating so boring. We did not have many lunch options and I was running late to get to my moms so the kids and I stopped at Arby's. Better than Mickey D's or BK, right? I had the roast beef gyro. It was pretty tasty. And half my curly fries. I shouldn't have even ordered them but I am so used to saying a number when you hit the drive thru that it didn't even occur to me to just order the sandwich until I was stuffing my pie hole with curly fries. BUT yay me...I stopped half way thru. That is an accomplishment. Much like being able to use your kegel muscles to stop the urine flow half way thru peeing. I can do that too. Multiple times in one sitting. Thats right. I am a rock star.

Dinner was a little jacked. We met Chad at our garden co-op at 5:30 to work in the garden for a couple hours. It was hot and horrible and VERY overwhelming. The weeds are crazy. We got home from weeding about 8pm and none of us had eaten yet. So we threw some pineapple brats (you can get them at Hy-Vee if you are local) and some chicken breasts that needed to get cooked. I didn't have the energy or the time to whip up a side so we ate meat for dinner. Ugh. How embarrassing even to admit that but on days like yesterday sometimes that is what happens. I could have thrown out some raw sugar snap peas but no one would have eaten them so I didn't bother.

Chad took a half day off today so we ventured to Costco and stocked up on some fruits and veggies. I bought a box of chipolte black bean burgers that are so yummy. Need to get some peppers, cilantro, and a jalapeno to make some pineapple and pepper salsa to serve on them. Yummy! Chad was getting on me about eating the samples but I considered it my lunch, so there.

Bought a scale at Target yesterday. woohoo.

Goal: 165
Weight: 227
Loss: Big fat 0


haverlee said...

Don't worry, we've eaten grilled meat and called that a dinner on more than a few occasions!!
I stock up on those Green Giant frozen veggie boxes (they're seasoned and really yummy) so I can at least throw one of those in the microwave and feel like its a complete meal! (complete is up for interpretation but it works for us!)
Costco's sweet potato fries are super yummy. I actually don't know how good they are for you but they're better than the Alexa brand at Target and they count as a veggie in my book. tips are bound to get annoying. I give you total liberty to tell me when they do!

meredith said...

i find it VERY ODD that you think that it is embarrassing to admit you only had meat for dinner, but talking about pee flow & kegels is noooo prrroooobbblllllleeeemmmmm.....

another tip: up your water crazy. it totally helps with weight loss. 64 oz a day, at the least. think of it this way, a sure fire way to practice your kegel skills....