Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 3 and Costco

Day 3-Lets see if I can remember yesterday. Protein shake for breakfast. Pineapple brat for lunch. Went to a concert at an outdoor amphitheater downtown. Had chicken/mozzarella ravioli for dinner. Then a few snacks at the concert (raw almonds, chocolate chip cookie, a few animal crackers.)

 Chad came home early and we headed to Costco. We loooooooove Costco! It is our fave place to go together (note: I said together meaning it is the only store that we both enjoy.)  We have a few fave products from Costco that we love.....

Raska cream cheese-so much better than Philadelphia and it has a cute Amish buggy on the front. Unfortunately they didn't have any in stock this time. That could be a problem.

Kirkland (Costco's brand) whole wheat bread. It is yummy and you get 2 huge loaves for like 3.50. Cheap.

Kirkland salted sweet cream butter. It is cheap and yummy.

Kirkland vanilla ice cream. Tastes like homemade.

Kirkland milk. Cheapest gallons of milk in the city and they claim it is hormone free. I am a converted AE snob.

Kirkland yogurt. That is good stuff.

Kirkland groud beef in a tube. You get 5-1 pound tubes for $11. It is great quality and low in fat. Can't remember the exact ratio but I am pretty sure it is at least 90/10 if not 93/7.

Seriously I could go on and on about all the products we love. Plus they have cheap books and their cheese department rocks. Not that books and cheese have anything in common, unless you eat cheese while you read.


meredith said...

...or cut the cheese while reading.

Bethany said...

lol @ meredith. Manda... Normally I avoid food and diet books like the plague, but one book I picked up at Target has been very informative and has helped me lose more than a few pounds and jerk husband Mark who can think about losing weight and do it lose a bunch too. It's called "Food Rules." Skinny little paperback that has a ton of information and quite a bit of common sense. It's the only book I've picked up and thought "Hmm... this is doable." Check it out if you get a chance.