Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here it comes to save the day...

Ugh. Been "watching what I eat" for a week now....has it been a week already? Drum roll please....I have lost ZERO ZILCH NADA pounds. No downward movement on the scale at all. I am hungry and cranky. Frustrating? HECK YES!! Especially since my lovely hubs is seeing results from his weight loss effort. Dudes have it so all sorts of ways.

Per the recommendation of a good friend (who should totally have a blog of her own...I honestly can't believe she doesn't have one yet. Plus I could link to her from here. Are you listening, SS???) I joined Weight Watchers online.  I am not a meeting person. I am an online girl. They are having a good 3 month deal so I figured I would check it out. I will use the fast food fund to pay for it.  No, I don't really have a fund specifically for fast food. I have an entertainment/eating out fund for the kids and I during the day. It has been used in the past for mostly fast food. There is another retched confession for ya.  You are like my therapist or more like my priest (if I was catholic.)

I filled out all the profile stuff. Added a cute pic. And tracked my points so far for the day. I am on a roll. I think it will be good accountability for me and it will spare you from reading about what I ate every day...although you will notice that lasted about 2 1/2 days. My endurance and stick-to-itiveness pretty much sucks.

We will see where this new adventure leads. Hopefully it will lead to a brighter, healthier Manda and to the regular size clothes department.


Stacie said...

Yeah for you!!!! And...yes I am listening. :) Just got done entering my points for the day too. I have one left...oh how to spend it...hmmmm... not too many options. lol Love you and can't wait to spend time with you on Monday! Yippee!

Mamma said...

Manda -- Your Mamma has this switch to food discipline on the horizon -- come next Tues., actually. I'm reading a book about the whole hormonal piece of weight loss and the phase 1 sounds like something I could stand, other than no sugar. Yikes. But most of all, I know this will be about connecting with God's perspective and earnestly praying. My initial word is from 1 Cor. 9:24-27. I will pray for you, honey - please pray for me, okay?