Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calling all design junkies!!

Hey girls! *I seriously doubt any dudes read my blog but if they do then I apologize for my apparent sexism. Boo.*

I am embarking on another home improvement project and I need your help/opinions/expertise!! We are  redoing our bedroom!! WOOHOO!! YAY!! I can hardly stand the excitement! AND we are actually going to buy bedroom furniture! EEEEEK! Chad and I have been married for ten years and we have never owned a bedroom set or even a bed. We have a mattress and boxspring on the floor. Seriously, it is like we are college students. *Nothing against college students or their furniture. Geesh. I am really racking up the love today.* We have one hand me down dresser from when I was a kid and another dresser that my dad found at Goodwill or something. Chad uses a white MDF cube shelf thing for a nightstand and I use Madeline's old white mini bookcase on my side of the bed. That is it. Nothing cute...just functional. Blah blah blah. I have always disliked our bedroom. It has never been a den of peace. It has always been a dumping ground for clothes and books. NOT anymore, baby!! We are going to do it up right!!

We found a bedroom set that we love at Homemakers. It has clean lines, dark wood, and brushed nickel drawer pulls. Contemporary but not modern. It is beautiful. Plus the base of the bed has extra storage! Added bonus! This is not the exact bed but pretty close.
The previous owner put up a chair rail in the bedroom. They used some crazy textured paint on the bottom. It is almost like a sandy texture and then the top is smooth. Very odd. But then again they messed up a lot of things in this house that we are having to fix. Anyway, I would love to remove the chair rail but it would be crazy trying to get rid of that sandy texture stuff and I am not sure how it could even be done. So the chair rail stays. Poop. But we are going to paint the bedroom....I think. Right now it is a mossy green on bottom and white on the top. We definitely need to paint the top but we might keep the bottom color as is. I like the color. Chad likes the color. If I can find new bedding that works with it then bonus. 

Speaking of bedding....we were thinking of doing a very neutral quilt and then spice it up with some fun pillows. I have been looking and there are so many fun and colorful quilts/duvet covers out there that I am rethinking that strategy. It is TOO much fun looking!! What would you do? 


Amy said...

We had that sandy crap when we moved into our house here 5 years ago. My husband sanded it off the walls with a fine grit sander, then just primed and painted over. MUCH better. I hate that sandy stuff! I don't know why they did it. It does take time, but if only the bottom half of your wall is done in that, it wouldn't take too long to get rid of it! Anyway, worth a thought. :)

Love the bedroom set!

Mom said...

RE: your bedding -- you will be happiest if your duvet hides things like lint and dog hair and your hair. That means no dark colors and no light colors. Different shapes of pillows are interesting looking too. I can't imagine you not having some strong colors or designs to catch the eye. It's who you are, honey. Also, green, as in mossy green, is considered the new neutral. I watch HGTV. Ha

haverlee said...

I agree with first comment- probably wouldn't be hard at all to get that junk off the walls (just hire my handy hubby!) and would be well worth it. BUT...if you decide to leave it, you should paint the entire wall the same color. A two tone wall is way outdated. I'd even just paint the chair rail and everything.
(I'm not a fan of the mossy green with that furniture. Mossy green is more appropriate with a vintage or Mission style)

Some of the Dwell bedding for Target is GORGEOUS and looks like you:


Michalle said...

While flippin through my Brylane Home catalog, I saw a bedding set that immediately made me think of you. Go to their website and look up "Milly". :-)

CK said...

That looks a lot like the bedroom set that we got at homemakers. I actually blogged about it too:


Is it the same one? If so, you will love it for sure! We absolutely love it. :)