Friday, September 10, 2010

Into the swing

*After a disastrous start we are getting into the swing of things with school. We haven't quite hit our stride but we are close and I couldn't be more relieved. Thank you, God!!

*Madeline is taking Pre-Competitive Swimming lessons the next 3 weeks for sure and possibly doing the next session as well in October. She has 3 lessons a week for one hour with Central Iowa Aquatics. She loves it!! I was a bit worried the first day when they had them freestyle 25meters as soon as they got in the pool and I thought Madeline was going to drown. She made it about 5 feet from the end and was gasping for air. She can't quite get the hang of her rotary breathing. She doesn't exhale enough when her face is in the water so when she comes up for a breath she is just inhaling, inhaling, inhaling. It doesn't work. I may have her practice breathing face down in the tub. Ha! Her second lesson they worked on the backstroke and she totally dominated. That is her stroke for sure. She was flying through the pool! It is so fun to see her explore this sport and be confident in doing so, totally unlike her mother who was/is as unathletic as they come. The hope at the end of this session or next is that she will be invited to join the swim team. Yes, I am going to be a swim mom. *crossing fingers*

*Bob the crab is doing remarkably well. He is alive after 2 weeks in captivity! We are going to take a sample of his tank water in to Adam's Aquatics to be tested to see if we can get him a couple friends. I am so excited!

*We are in the process, the never ending process, of getting our house more sellable. Hopefully 2011 will be the year of the move into our dream house. (Please, Jesus, please!) Next on the list is updating the wiring in our house, insulating the attic, and replacing the garage doors. Nothing fun. Boo. But necessary.

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The Kimlers said...

ahh thank you wonderful homeowner for doing such things that is making my life crazy right now. I seriously can't thank you enough, if it were your house i was buying i'd buy you another cute dress i can't live without and send it your way. Great news all around!! Yay for swim team. Practicing in the tub on breathing with what me and my three sisters did and they(not so much me) are GREAT swimmers probably because of it!!!
Go Manda!!