Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The house part 2: Interior floor plan

You have seen the exterior and the future plans for the exterior. Let's move inside, shall we? I have some interior pics but don't want to overwhelm you with all those details quite yet. This post will be about the floor plan. Thanks to Young House Love, I found a free floor plan builder online to make it easier to visualize.

Here is the first floor...
And here is the basement...which I couldn't get as close to actual scale as the first floor. The stairs are a bit wonky on both floors but it gives you a great idea of what we are dealing with. 

We have big plans to put an addition on to the back of the house. Our original thought was to do a big master bedroom with master bath and walk-in closet with a full basement addition. After talking about it and mulling it over, we are looking into adding the master bed and bath without the basement but with added living space on the upper floor. I am torn between the two ideas. Obviously, the budget needs to be considered and we haven't talked to our remodeler about the second idea to even see if that is doable.

Until we figure all that out and get it done, we will be using the family room downstairs as a bedroom and the sunroom will be Chad's office. After the remodel, his office will move to the basement...whether it be in the family room now or the new part of the basement.

There you have the house as it is now. I am super excited to share each room with you as it is now and to show you the plans we have for the future!

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